Come with us on a traditional Bedouin Camel Caravan and experience a real oriental adventure. Traverse the magnificent sand dunes by traditional camel-back. Descend the grand dunes and vast sand valleys like the Emirate forefathers, as you tour a rugged landscape brimming with legendary tales.

Camels are said to be God’s gift to the Bedouins. People in the early days used the camels either for trading or for transporting goods from on place to another. Journeys were always done in groups known as caravans. Camels endure the strong winds of the desert; therefore they are also named as the “ships of the desert”. Their ability and strength to go far distances for a long time without food and water made these wonderful creatures so valuable and a part of the Arabic tradition.


• Pick Up and Drop by 4×4
• Desert Dune Bashing
• Dune Setup
• Camel Caravan
• Sandboard
• Photography in Arabic Dress.
• Sunset Photography Opportunity
• Continental Breakfast
• Arabic Coffee / Dates
• Mineral Water